8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adile Nasit

Turkish cinema is a huge platform for comedians. From the earliest sections of the local film industry to this time, there have been various simulators in each era. Turkish audiences are constantly entertained on screen or on stage. While Western influence is also important, the satire type is set in a long meeting of Turkish executioner expressions.

Closer to exceptional performance entertainment, Turkish film has provided its audience with a wide variety of simulation stars over its long history. In comedians, the character on screen is lonely. Initially a stage entertainer, Adile Nasit has appeared in various hit caricatures with exceptional on-screen characters such as Munir Ozkul, Vahi, Oz, and others.

Adile Nasit

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adile Nasit

1- Adile Nasit’s Family Background

She was born on June 17, 1930, in Istanbul. Her father’s name is Nasit Ozcan who was a great comedian in his time. While her mother was a Turkish-Greek theatre actress Amelya Hanim. Also, she has a brother named Selim Nasit Ozcan. Moreover, her grandmother Kucuk Virjin was also an acclaimed ethnic Greek dancer who was born in 1870, and she was the first Greek canto dancer in the Ottoman Empire. Adile’s grandmother was wedded to Yorgi and had three children, 2 sons named Andre and Niko who both were musicians while her daughter Amelya Hanim was a theatre actress and canto dancer.

2-  She Performed First Time On Stage At The Age Of 14

She was 14 years old student when she performed on stage for the first time. At the same time, he lost his father, Nasit Ozcan. After his father died, he left school and was honored at the Istanbul City Theater. She will continue with organized acting until 1975. Adele Nesit’s first work was in Her Seyden Biraz (A Bit From Everything) with Haleed Piskin. They played in different corners of Istanbul. From that point on, she worked for the Muammar Karaca Theater. The 1940s and 50s were a long period of private performance theatres in Istanbul.

3- She Established Her Own Theatre Group

Adile formed a private theatre group in 1948 together with Vahi Oz and Aziz Bazmasi. She worked on her own theatre stage for a long time before returning to the Muammar Karaca Theater in 1954. She worked with them for six years. Later on, In 1961, she formed the Nasit Theatre with her husband Zia Keskiner and brother Selim Nasit. They worked together until their theatre failed in 1963. Afterward, she started working with Ghaznefer Ozkan – Gonul Ulku company and stayed with him until 1975, when she left the stage to work in the film industry.

4- She Started Her Filmi Career From The 1940s

From 1940 to 1970, she did small roles in various movies. She started her acting career with making debut Ertem Egilmez films. She played the role of a teacher of ‘Kahraman’ (Hero). It was her outstanding performance and afterward, she gained a lot of fame.

5-  In Her Reverence

Google celebrated her 86th birthday and symbolized with Google Doodle in the year 2016.

6- She Was Known For Her Kind Nature

She was best known for her love and affection for children. She had one child who had lost his life at the age of 12 due to a disease, which completely destroyed her.

7- Her Most Popular Movies

She was a versatile Turkish actress who has done various roles and gave fabulous performances throughout her career. There’s a large rundown of her famous movies including Iste Hayat (1975), Feyzo, Polite One (1978) and The Chaos Class Is On Vacation (1977).

8- She Gets Married To

Adile Nasit was wedded to Cemal Ince and Zia Keskiner, and she died on December 11, 1987, Istanbul.