8 Things That You Didn’t Know About Rebecca Soteros

Rebecca Soteros, also known as Becky Jo and Rebecca McBrain, was born in March 1974. She is the offspring of Mark and Julie Ann Soteros. She was raised with her brother Joshua and was the ex-girlfriend and mother of the late Paul Walker’s only child. Rebecca dated the actor briefly before he rose to fame as the star of the Fast and Furious film series. Instead of just being the ex-girlfriend of a well-known actor, Rebecca is a collection of amazing facts that you may read about below.
Rebecca Soteros
Rebecca Soteros

8 Things That You Didn’t Know About Rebecca Soteros

1. Rebecca’s Childhood

She received her degree from California’s Village Christian School in 1992. She decided to pursue a career in education and obtained a bachelor’s in secondary schooling. [1]

2. Rebecca’s Unsuccessful Love Life

The California native started dating Paul Walker in 1998, and they welcomed their daughter the following year 1998. They soon divorced, though, and Rebecca moved to Hawaii with her little kid.
Rebecca With Paul
Rebecca With Paul

3. She Got Addicted To Alcohol

Her daughter Meadow Walker moved to California to live with her father. This choice was made because Rebecca, her mother, developed an alcohol addiction.

4. At The Death Of Her Ex-Boyfriend

Rebecca took a journey back to California after Paul Walker’s untimely passing to be there for Meadow Walker, who she subsequently saw crying at the actor’s memorial service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

5. She Fought For Her Daughter

Before his death, Paul Walker named his mother Cheryl Ann as Meadow’s legal guardian. This led to a bitter custody battle between Rebecca and Cheryl. Rebecca wasn’t given custody because of her addiction. [2]

6. She Made Herself Better For Her Daughter

Cheryl agreed to give Rebecca Meadows authority in exchange for Rebecca Meadows moving to California to raise her daughter and finish an alcohol treatment program after their courtship was settled. Paul’s ex-girlfriend maintains a low profile and stays out of the spotlight.

7. The Reason For Her Separation From Paul

Some claim that Paul and Rebecca’s lengthy arguments over the latter’s drinking problems led to their separation in late 1999. However, some claim that Walker turned down Rebecca at the time because he thought he lacked the necessary maturity.

8. Current Status Of Rebecca

Rebecca Soteros currently resides in California with her daughter Meadow Walker. The mother-daughter combo is in charge of the charity they established in Paul’s memory after he passed away tragically in a car accident. [3]


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