8 Things You Did Not Know About Lawrence Jones 

Lawrence Jones who is also known as Lawrence Billy Jones is an American Libertarian political commentator. He was born on December 10, 1992, in Texas, United States. And got his higher studies from Garland High School and graduated from the University of North Texas.

He also considers himself a Libertarian. If you are interested to know more about him, then you may find these 8 facts fascinating about him.

Lawrence Jones
Lawrence Jones

8 Things You Did Not Know About Lawrence Jones 

1. Occupation Other Than Commentator 

Besides being a Libertarian political commentator, he Jones is a very good Talk radio host, Television host, author as well as a Fox News Contributor. [1]

2. Employer In Fox News 

In the year 2018, in May, Lawrence Jones claimed on Fox News. In April 2019, he wore a small bulletproof vest during a Fox News segment when he was at the U.S.-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas.

Lawrence Jones Wearing Bullet Proof Vest
Lawrence Jones Wearing BulletProof Vest

3. A Youth Mayor 

He grew up under his father Lawrence Jones II and his mother, whose name is Tameria. The talented man, in the year 2009, stated that he has served as a Youth Mayor of Garland Texas. [2]

4. Walk Of Life 

Jones started his career when he was a very young guy. He was hired as a student advocate in Garland Independent School District, where he became their youngest employee. He also created a fundraiser for Memories Pizza which is a pizza shop in Indiana in the year 2015. [3]

5. A Fond Of Pets 

Everyone loves to play with pet animals but Lawrence is fond of pets, especially pet dogs and puppies. He has his own pet puppy whose name is Nala. He loves to play with it.

Lawrence with his pet dog
Lawrence with his pet dog

6. Enjoys Eating His Favourite Food 

Everyone has their favorite food which they like to eat the most. This talented commentator also has his favorite food which is a steak. He loves to eat steaks and every time he eats them, he really enjoys them. 

7. Became Editor In Chief 

In the year 2018, he became an Editor-in-chief of the conservative website which is called as Campus Reform.

8. Owns A Website 

There is no wonder that Lawrence is a very talented and skill full person, he also has a website of his own where he posts updates related to his life for his fans. [4]

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