8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adaa Khan

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Adaa Khan is one of the most popular Indian stars. She has been in the field of acting for a long and has given fantabulous performances. She has acted on the small screen. She has earned a huge fan following. She is notable for her admiring work. She is known for her most popular roles, like; Sheesha in ‘Naagin’, Akashi in ‘Behnien’, and many others are worth sharing. Well, we are sure you are familiar with her roles and drama serials but still, you want to know more about the gorgeous actress, model. Let’s have a look at the given hidden things!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adaa Khan

1- She’s an 80s Baby

Adaa Khan is an 80s baby. She had a different upbringing than today’s generation. She was born in the era when children played outside and used imagination to learn things.

2- She Lost Her Mother

Adaa Khan lost her mother in 2013. She was diagnosed with Cancer and later, she died after fighting life and death. At that time, Khan was just 24 years old.

3- She tried her luck in Modeling

Before acting, Adaa Khan tried her luck in modeling. She worked on different advertisements campaigns. She then developed an interest in acting and decided to pursue it as a career.

4- She is Bold and Strong

Once in an interview, she called herself a woman who is strong and bold. She doesn’t take anything personally if she finds it offensive.

5- She Likes a Challenge

Adaa Khan likes a challenge. She likes to accept challenging, unique, and productive roles so that she can enjoy working on various tasks.

6- She Believes in Luck

The actress once shared that she is not the ambitious type. She believes in luck. She has a faith in God who creates a path for her. She considers herself a lucky woman.

7- She Didn’t Dream of Acting

Adaa Khan didn’t dream of acting. She had some other plans for her future. She then accidentally move into the field of acting.

8- She is Happy with her TV Career

Adaa Khan is happy with her television career. She likes to work on the small screen, enjoys performing roles and doing everything on her own.

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