8 Things You Didn’t Know About Atilla Güzel

Atilla Güzel Biography

Atilla Guzel, one of Turkey’s most well-known actors, is most recognized for his role in the most-watched historical television series, ‘Kurulus: Osman,’ which premiered in 2019. The actor is known for his outstanding performances that set him apart from the competition. As a result of his celebrity, he was able to secure more acting roles. The famous actor has been in several popular television programs, including ‘Ertugrul’ and ‘Kurulus: Osman,’ in which he shared screen time with other well-known actors such as Esra Bilgic and others. And the best part is that he has been receiving positive feedback from viewers. Following are some of the facts about Atilla Guzel.
Atilla Güzel
Atilla Güzel

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Atilla Güzel

1. Beginning of his career

Every famous person begins their career with modest roles, but Atilla Guzel is one of the lucky stars who has had the opportunity to work on high-profile projects from the start of his career.

2. Fame

Atilla Guzel rose to prominence in 2019 after a heartfelt performance in the Turkish historical television series ‘Dirilis: Ertugrul.’ [1]

3. Hobbies

His hobbies include swimming, reading books, hanging out with friends, and playing outdoor games.

4. Favorite country

He disclosed in an interview that his favorite place is his own country where he was born-Istanbul.

5. Favorite car

He is very fond of cars. Recently he is having two cars, a Range Rover and BMW.

6. Favorite color

His favorite color is red and blue.

7. Favorite recreational spot

He likes to explore new places. His most favorite recreational spot is the beach. Most of the photos on social media handles are on the sea-side.

8. Reviews from friends and Family

His friends and family say that he is a very friendly and cooperative person. Even his colleagues appreciate his talent and give positive reviews about him. He is generous and kind-hearted, always ready to help the poor.      


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