8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aysegul Cakir

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One of the most celebrated Turkish actresses who work in the entertainment industry and gives absolutely amazing performances in many television series and films. The actress has been enthralling the larger audience in Turkey and wins the hearts of many with her notable work and performances. Her stunning looks to her most recognizable appearances are doing wonders in her career life as she is constantly putting efforts to prove herself as the best actress. Well, she is mainly known for appearing in ‘Back Streets’ in 2006, ‘Askopat’, in 2015, and many others that are worth sharing to watch. To know more about her personal and professional life, we have compiled some lesser facts for you and her fans. If you are one of her fans, then this write-up would be a great treat for you too. Let us give it a read!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aysegul Cakir

1- Famous for

Aysegul Cakir has worked on many small and big screen projects but mainly known for portraying the best role in ‘Kuzey Guney’ which was the best project of the year 2011. For her performance, she gave much acclaim.

2- Best Movie

In 2015, the actress made an appearance in the movie named ‘Live In The Doorway’ which became an instant hit of the year as it rocked at the box office. Undoubtedly, her performance was heart-winning.

3- Active on Social Media

Aysegul Cakir is extremely active on social media platforms and mostly, she uses Instagram and Twitter accounts where she is blessed with a huge fan following with whom she loves interacting through photos and comments.

4- Hobbies

Everyone has different hobbies but the actress, Cakir loves relaxing her mind by doing something, like; swimming, workout, and meditation. She believes that sometimes nothing to do is the best thing.

5- Fitness Freak

Being a fitness freak, the actress loves maintaining her body and her overall health and physique. Also, she works out regularly and never skips her healthy diet regimen to keep herself fit and healthy.

6- Avid Traveler

The actress, Ayegul Cakir is an avid traveler and always passionate to visit different places during her holidays. She often visits Paris where she feels the beauty of nature. And she considers it one of the best destination places for holidays.

7- Loves her Profession

Aysegul Cakir loves her acting profession and dedicatedly performing for each project. Moreover, she never forgets to praise the entire teams of the films as they work in a collaborative way.

8- Versatile

Cakir is a versatile lady who is blessed with the ability to perform each role brilliantly. Not only this, but she has the capability to fit herself in each role. And the best is, her fans admire her for her greatest acting talent.

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