8 Things You Didn’t Know About Burak Çelik

Burak Çelik Biography

Burak çelik who is Turkish by birth by recognized worldwide for his acting, modeling, and charity work has worked in a number of Turkish series and international modeling projects. Burak çelik’s name doesn’t require any introduction as if you are an avid Turkish series lover and have watched the globally acclaimed Kurulus Osman, you must know and like him, for his super-duper acting skills. We are sure you must want to know more about him so we are here to tell you 8 amazing facts about your favorite celebrity.
Burak Çelik
Burak Çelik

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Burak Çelik

1. The huge following of 1.2 M!

Burak Celik is quite a popular celebrity globally. His popularity can be estimated from his huge fan following on his Instagram account where 1.2M people are following him throughout the world. His following got raised after the breathtaking success of the Kurulus Osman series.

2. The best model of Turkey

You must be unfamiliar with this interesting fact about Burak çelik that he has won the award for the Best Male Model of Turkey in the year 2013. He is a dashing model, no doubt, so he truly deserved this award. [1]

3. A traveling soul!

Burak çelik loves to travel as much as he can. Travel is his hobby too. He regularly posts pictures about his travels on his social media accounts too. If we talk about his favorite travel destination, it is Lisbon.

4. A hidden melodious singer!

The actor has many hobbies and one of them is singing. His singing skills are just awesome yet he hasn’t given any confirmation to turn his hobby into a side profession.

5. A great Dog lover!

Burak çelik is a great lover of pets, especially dogs. He himself has two pet dogs which are very dear to him. He posts pictures of his dogs on his Instagram account too every now and then.
Burak Celik With Dog
Burak Celik With Dog

6. His immense love for natural beauty

Burak çelik is a great admirer of natural scenes and beautiful landscapes. He loves to spend his free time with nature which is clearly shown in his Instagram feed.

7. A humble and family-oriented guy

It’s must be worth praising the fact about him that he is truly a family-oriented person who gives great value to the family. His love and respect for his mother

8. His active part in charities

He is not only beautiful by face but also by heart. He has started a campaign to donate all the gifts he received on his birthday for the poor and needy children which is no doubt, a great initiative.