8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cagan Irmak

Çağan Irmak Biography, Height & Life Story'>Çağan Irmak Biography

Cagan Irmak is a Turkish movie and TV author and director, who born on 4th April 1970. He has figured out how to draw in an enormous crowd in Turkey and is most popular for the TV  serials Çemberimde Gül Oya (2004–2005) and Asmal? Konak (2002–2004), and for the hit movies Alone (2008) and My Father and My Son (2005), for which he got Turkish Cinema Writers Association Awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Director.

Cagan Irmak

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cagan Irmak

1-  His Educational Background

Besides acting, he was so brilliant at his studies. He is the one who never gives up on in any situation and continues his studies. He contemplated Radio, TV and Film Studies at Ege University Faculty of Communications.

2- He Is An Award-Winner Actor

He received many accolades including the Sedat Simavi Award for two short movies, Masal (The Tale) and Kurban (The Sacrifice), which he made during his studies.

3- He Worked As An Associate Director

. In the wake of graduating in 1992, he worked in film and TV as an associate director to Orhan O?uz, Mahinur Ergun, Filiz Kaynak, and Yusuf Kurçenli, and was honored with first prize by IFSAK for his short film Play Me Old and Wise (1998).

4- He Composed And Directed Television Serials

He composed and coordinated the TV serials Good Morning Brother Istanbul (1998–2001) on ATV, and the TV film Strawberry Cake (2000) preceding making some early progress with his first component film, Wish Me Luck (2001), which Rekin Teksoy portrays as “unremarkable”, and joint efforts with Mahinur Ergun on the hit TV series ?a??felek Ç?kmaz? (2001) for TRT, and Asmal? Konak (2002–2004) for ATV, for which he got various honors.

5- He Got Extraordinary Achievement

A time of extraordinary achievement followed with famous TV serials Çemberimde Gül Oya (2004–2005) on Kanal D and hit films Everything About Mustafa (2004) and My Father and My Son (2005), which as indicated by Rekin Teksoy “effectively misused the exaggerated figure of speech and was an enormous film industry success,” which, “demonstrated that mainstream film was fruitful in speaking to wide audiences” just as accepting six Turkish Cinema Writers Association Awards including Best Director.

6- He Also Composed And Directed Horror Movies

Following this, he composed and coordinated a few portions in the TV horror movie series Kabuslar Evi for FOX, and the film The Messenger before making another well-known progress with the film Alone (2008). From that point forward he has made the short film Dü?lerimdeki Atatürk (2008), the TV series Yol Arkada??m (2008–2009) for Star and the film In Darkness (2009). He has been beneficial in the most recent years and has created 4 extra movies: Sleeping Princess (2010), My Grandfather’s People (2011), Are We OK? (2012) and Whisper If I Forget (2014).

7- His Zodiac Sign Is Aries

People born under the sign of Aries are recognized for their creative skills, and being ambitious. Amongst their greatest strengths is their creative mind, which they use in all aspects of life.

8- He Is Best Known For

He is best known for his acting and directing abilities as he is recognized as the most successful and rich actor in the Turkish cinema. He has acted and directed a diverse range of movies and television serials but his most liked movies are Are We OK? (2012) and Whisper If I Forget (2014).