8 Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Orjalo

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Christina Orjalo is considered one of the most successful actresses in the Hollywood film industry. She never thought that her name would be in the light and she would be on social media platforms making news for what she has been doing. She is the kind of person who knows how to own the character. She is known for her work and admiring performances. Mainly, she became popular for appearing in the show named ‘Astrid & Lily Save The World’. Well, here’s a time to learn more about the talented lady. Give it a read!

christina orjalo

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Orjalo

1- She is Always Up for a Challenge

Christina Orjalo is always up for a challenge. She wanted to be better and wanted to do better. She always makes a room for improvement. Moreover, she loves to accept challenges as well.

2- She’s been Acting Almost Her Entire Life

Christina Orjalo has been acting almost her entire life. She has been doing this for more than two decades. She started her acting career at the age of 4. And luckily, she got an opportunity to work with Bruce Willis and Mos Def in a movie called ’16 Blocks’.

3- She was Into Theatre

Christina loved acting and that’s why she joined theater as a child to hone her acting skills. She was then promoted as an actress and started appearing in movies.

4- She Played Soccer

The actress loves sports, especially loves playing soccer. She was interested in many things. She also likes theatre and music and that’s what she enjoys the most.

5- She is Close to her Sister

Christina Orjalo is close to her sister Marrisa. She calls her sister her mentor. She learns from her sister and got inspired by her as she has been doing a great job.

6- She Has a YouTube Channel

Christina Orjalo has a YouTube Channel titled ‘Fondue for Two’. Once she shared that she took inspiration from the show ‘Glee’.

7- She is a Cat Lover

Orjalo is so kind and compassionate by nature. And when it comes to pets, she never stops showering love on pets. She has a pet cat ‘Lucy’ with whom she loves spending her time.

8-She enjoys Fun

Orjalo is a lively person and enjoys fun. She loves spending time with her friends. She has a love of scrapbooking and it’s an interesting indoor activity. Also, she likes traveling as well.

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