8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cora Jade

Cora jade, hailing from the USA is a professional wrestler who has come a long way before she has gotten her deserved fame. She is fairly very young, was born on Jan 14, 2001, she has gained quite a fame for her age. She has just turned 21 at the beginning of the year, 2022. She is new to her work and since starting from Dec 2018, she has found instant fame. Well, if you are her die-hard fan, then we have a great treat for you as we are doing to reveal some unknown things you probably didn’t before. Let’s have a look! Cora Jade

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cora Jade

1- Do you know Her Real identity?

Like many wrestlers and artists, Cora also uses “stage name” to be recognized. She wasn’t born with this name and her name is Brianna Coda. She uses this specific name only for personal meetings and gatherings.

2- She has multiple Stage Names

She doesn’t always necessarily use “Cora” as her initials during wrestling. She has more often than not opted for Elayna Black during her matches.

3- She isn’t Married

Here you will be surprised to know that the wrestler, Cora Jade isn’t married to anyone and is rumored to be dating the wrestler, Trey Baxter.

4- She is a Social Media Influencer

Cora Jade has a strong influence on social media, boasting a total of 124k followers across all social media platforms.

5- She boosts Confidence

She does what she wants when it comes to her social media platforms or wherever she wants. She isn’t afraid of showing off her physique to the world and is very confident with her view/opinions.

6- She is a Proud Mom of a Pet Dog

Yes! It’s true that Cora Jade is a mom. Not certainly of a human child but a dog for sure. Her dog‘s name is not known though.

7- She loves Traveling

Whilst many complained about the tense life of 2021, she remained calm through the problems and lived throughout the pandemic, being thankful and traveling to various places.

8- She’s a Private Person

Unlike most people, she keeps herself private and tries to share fewer details regarding her personal life publicly on social media platforms.

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