8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyril Guei

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Cyril Gueï Biography

Cyril Guei is a Professional Actor as well as a Director. He was born on the 14th of December, in the year 1977. He is from the 12th district of Paris, which is known for being the second biggest opera house in that city. Cyril rose to prominence through his outstanding work in films such as The Other released in the year 2008, and Front Lines, released in 2009. His latest film is called How I became a Super Hero (2020). Cyril is extremely passionate about acting, film directing as well as photography. He has shared various pictures of behind the scenes of himself and his cast members on his social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Here are 8 things about Cyril Guei that you probably did not know. So, let us have a look!

Cyril Guei-Actor

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyril Guei

1- He is a Sagittarius

Cyril Guie was born on a Wednesday on the 14th of December, which means his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. People of this star sign are known to be optimistic and intellectual.

2- He went to Drama School

In the year 1997, Cyril went to pursue education in CNSAD also known as the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Paris. And after completing his formal studies, he then joined the acting field as a career.

3- He has worked in Theatre

After finishing Drama School, in the year 2000, Cyril joined a theatre, which was in productions by an innovative French director named Peter Brooke.

4- He starred in a film based on a novel

In 2008, Cyril starred in a 97 minute French movie called The Other, which is an adaptation of a novel written by a French author Annie in 2002. He played the role of Alex, and this film had a massive impact on his career.

5- He appeared in French Television Series

Other than theatre and films, Cyril has also appeared in a few television series including Templetor (2015), A Cop (2007-2012), and Hero Corp (2008-2017).

6- He got nominated as a Promising Actor twice

Cyril got pre-nominated in 2010 and 2011 to be awarded Cesar for best male hope. This is a French cinematographic award given by the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques.

7- He is a Passionate Reader

Cyril is very fond of reading and reads as much as he can, along with acting and directing. One of his all-time favorite books is Vivre Avec nos morts, which means Live with our Dead. This book is written by French author Delphine Horvilleur.

8- He is a Sober and Fair Human

Cyril has been described as a Sober and fair Human in a daily afternoon French newspaper. The article also stated that Cyril is one of those actors who are hardworking, which means he works with full potential.

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