8 Things You Didn’t Know About Diana Gomez

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Who doesn’t know the famous Diana Gomez? As if you have seen the globally acclaimed Spanish series, Money Heist, you must have seen her. She is a Spanish actress. She became popular for her role as Tatiana in the flashbacks of the crime drama series Money Heist and Valeria. Many people want to know much more about this splendid beauty So don’t worry as we are here with the 8 interesting facts about her which will surely surprise you!
Diana Gomez
Diana Gomez

8 things you don’t know about Diana Gomez

1. Her passion for dance

 It must be an interesting fact about her that she has been interested in dance since her childhood. She has incredible dance skills and it is one of her hobbies too. [1]

2. Her worldwide popularity after Money Heist

 Though she has done many projects before but the fame that Money Heist gave her is no match. Her popularity increased amazingly fast after this show and now she has around 496k+ followers on her Instagram account.

3. Her recent tour to Copenhagen 

After the completion of the finale of the famous series Money Heist, she rushed to Copenhagen and enjoyed her time. There she explored the city and spend quality time which is truly deserved.

4. Loves to spend and capture natural sites

 Very few people might know the fact that she is a great nature lover and loves to spend time with nature. She often uploads her pictures too on her Instagram handle that shows peaceful natural sites.

5. A wandering soul

 She is a wanderlust. She loves to explore new destinations and cultures in different parts of the world. Travel is her hobby too and she rushes to fulfill this hobby whenever she gets some free time from her busy schedule.

6. Her exceptional photography skills

Very few people might know this fact about her that she has got some serious talent regarding photography. She loves to capture moments and objects so beautifully that you can’t deny her artistic insights.

7. Shares everything with her fans

Unlike many other celebrities, she values her fans a lot and now and then, she shares her life happenings with her fans through social media.

8. A celebrity with zero attitude and full of gratitude

You will be amazed to know that Diana m Gomez is not proud, unlike many celebrities. She has a sense of gratitude for everyone even for the staff working with her. This thing can easily be seen on her Instagram account where she uploads gratitude posts for all the people she is thankful for now and then.