8 Things You Didn’t Know About Elaine Mason

Elaine Mason was a professional nurse who started her nursing career in Bangladesh. There she worked as a nurse for the children of an orphanage. Here we are now telling you 8 hidden facts about her which you will surely love to know!
Elaine mason
Elaine mason

8 things you don’t know about Elaine mason

1. A private type of person! She has not been vocal about her relationship with Stephan Hawking since the start of their marriage. She values her family’s privacy a lot and doesn’t like to be in the limelight of the mainstream or social media.

2. Ex-wife and caretaker of the biggest scientist of our time!

She began her work as a caretaker of Stephen Hawking in 1980. There they both got interested in each other and later got married. [1]

3. Not socially much active

 We are sure that you don’t know this interesting fact about her that she is not much socially active. She didn’t appear in the media much or most likely she doesn’t have any social media account on the popular social networking sites.

4. Not having any child with Stephen Hawking

Many people might not know that their marriage lasted for around 11 years but she has no child with Stephen Hawking.

5. Got global recognition in the Academy Award-winning film

 Very few people might know this interesting fact about her that as a wife of the world-famous scientist, she came into the limelight too and she has been shown in the famous biographical film of Stephen Hawking. Her role was played by Maxine Peake.

6. Her biggest controversy!

You haven’t known this hidden fact about her that she was accused of abusing Stephan Hawking by his former caretaker.

7. Completely non-vegetarian

 It must be an interesting fact for you that she doesn’t like vegetables much and her favorite food is always a non-vegetarian type of food.

8. A traveling soul!

It is another side of her personality that she likes to travel very much and loves to explore new places and natural beauty.  


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