8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emilie Kouatchou

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Emilie became the first Black actress to star in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Hopefully, Emilie will be able to do many more amazing things with this opportunity. She, as well as her growing fan base, is eager to see what the future holds for her. There aren’t many 25-year-olds who can say they have already made history. We are sure you don’t know much about this talented lady and here we have shared some interesting things you probably didn’t know. Give it a read!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Emilie Kouatchou

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emilie Kouatchou

1- She is a well-trained Actress

Emilie Kouatchou is a well-trained actress and put lots of effort into her work to get more fame in her career life. She holds a degree in Musical Theatre (BFA) in 2019.

2- She loves keeping things confidential

Emilie loves keeping things confidential. Her fans always look for more information about her life and moves, but there are no more details regarding her personal life.

3- She doesn’t have Any On-Screen Experience

The actress doesn’t have any on-screen experience but she made her first Broadway appearance and amazed the audience with her outstanding performance.

4- She’s Bilingual

Emilie is fluent in French and her ability to speak English and French gives her boundless work opportunities. Her family roos are in Cameroon where French is the only official language.

5- She loves Fashion

Emilie loves fashion. She sometimes gives personal style statements to leave her fans in awe. She seems to be natural when it comes to putting her ensembles.

6- She is a family person

Despite being a busy person, Emilie loves managing her time for her family. Once in an interview, she shared that she is a family person who loves making her relationships strong.

7- She started Acting as a Child

She started acting as a child as she first acted in theatre plays. She was so shy and this was the best way to overcome her shyness, so she started acting in plays.

8- She’s Grateful for All of Her Fans

Emilie has always been grateful for all of her fans who have been her constant support system in her life. She gets love and support along the way.

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