8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emilio Martinez

Emilio Martinez is a Spanish Internet celebrity and is famed among millions of his fans across the globe. The young star has marked himself as the most prominent Internet personality. He and his twin brother, Ivan Martinez runs their own YouTube channel where they upload a variety of content to enthrall the viewers. However, there are more things to know about the young star, and today, we are presenting the unknown things you didn’t know.

8 Things You Didnt Know About Emilio Martinez

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emilio Martinez

Family life

Emilio Martinez was born on 10th May 1999, Catalonia, Spain where he raised and grew up with his siblings, named Ivan Martinez and a sister, Rebecca, born to mom Marisol Perez.

His nickname

He was born as Emilio Martinez but he is popularly known as Eddymarti.

Life tragedy

At 15, Emilio’s father left them and since then they lived with their mother. And Emilio calls it the tragic of his life as his father left them.

He joined the popular web group

Emilio and his twin brother Ivan Martinez joined the popular web group known as “Team 10” in January 2017, and then they left the group in the same year in November.

He has launched his own YouTube channel

Emilio Martinez has launched his own YouTube channel along with his brother, Ivan Martinez. They named it “Martinez Twins”. Alongside this, he also runs his own YouTube channel as well.

He & social media

The young internet celebrity is extremely active on all his social media accounts as he has a massive fan following, particularly, he has more than 7 million followers on his Instagram account.

His educational background

Emilio Martinez and his siblings got their primary education and then graduated from High School in Calfornia. They were so passionate about their dreams of famous Internet personalities and entrepreneurs.

He was not fluent in English

Emilion Martinez was not fluent in English when he started his career so he took English classes to speak fluently.