8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emily Arlook

Emily Arlook was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on July 24, 1990. She is a writer and an actress. Daughter of ‘The Arlook Group’ founder Richard Arlook. Has an older sister, Rachel, and a younger brother, Ethan. Deborah Arlook is her mother’s name.

If you are getting curious to know more about this beautiful woman, then you may find these 8 unknown facts interesting

Emily Arlook
Emily Arlook

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emily Arlook

1. Auditioned Five Times For The Character Of Nomi

 Emily stated that one issue that viewers may learn about is Nomi’s self-exploration and struggle with bisexuality. Emily believes that the topics of the show will “guide young people” as they face important life decisions about who they are and how they will contribute to and integrate into society. [1]

2. Graduated From Antioch College

Emily said she was “very pleased with herself” because it took her nearly ten years to achieve. Emily majored in psychology and received her bachelor’s degree. She wished to pursue her acting career. But she enrolled in college, and though it took a long time, she finished and received her degree. [2]

3. Prefer To Dress For Comfort

Emily believes Nomi’s fashion statement on Grown-ish is due to the talent of Michelle Cole, who designs her costumes. Emily believes that when her character’s costumes help her get into character, she produces her finest work. But if the outfit isn’t correct, she feels as if “something’s off”.

4. Her Thoughts About Grown-ish

Emily thought the show dealt with a wide range of topics that college students experience. She stated that these difficulties are “so true to her” that she finds it fascinating to express them through her and the other characters in the show. 

5. Nomi’s Honesty Makes Her The Loveable Character

Emily mentioned that she thought a line had been crossed when Nomi was kissed by her teacher. According to writer McGee, the team intended to investigate power imbalance in a partnership with no gender discrepancy. [3]

Emily Arlook as Nomi
Emily Arlook as Nomi

6. Her Favourite Jewish Food

Emily stated that her mother only makes kugel about once a year. For Emily, it’s a very special delicacy and simply “the greatest”. [4]

7. Emily Feels The Grown-ish Is Fantastic

She claims that the show discusses all of the topics that occur on a college campus but that people ignore them when they should not. Emily admits she was “simply excited” when she was cast as a bisexual character in the show. Nomi is “great to play” since she is “very free-spirited and wild,” according to her. [5]

8. Made Her First Film Debut

She made her film debut opposite her father – who played himself – and sister Rachel in the independent comedy “20 Dates” after training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (1998). Her first series of regular work on “Shy Boyfriends” (2015), an online comedy series created by Refinery29, came after appearances in independent movies and short projects.

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