8 Things You Didn’t Know About Erdal Ozyagcilar

Erdal Ozyagcilar is a Turkish actor who has acted in not just in films but also acted on the stage and on television as well. He is a versatile actor who just performed incredibly and brilliantly assumed a variety of roles in many films, plays and television series. However, he is known for his best acting skills and the way he fully indulged himself in the roles to entertain the audience. Here are some more unknown things that you probably didn’t know about the actor.Erdal Ozyagcilar


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Erdal Ozyagcilar

1- Erdal Ozyagcilar’s Family Background

He was born in 1948, Bursa and has a Turkish family background. He was so enthusiastic about acting since early life and also wanted to pursue it as a career. His father always supported him to achieve his aim in life. So, he then decided to do struggle to establish him as a successful actor. 

2- His Acting Career

He began his acting venture in 1967 with the movie named ‘Olum Tariasi’ which means Field of Death. Additionally, he is a theatre actor and television actor as well who had played numerous roles in plays, television series, and movies. Also, he has done some television commercials and earned huge fame.

3- He Is Best Known For

Though he had given incredible performances in various roles, he is best known for his television series titled ‘ Yabanci Damat’, which is popular both in Turkey and Greece.

4- Rise To Fame

Erdal Ozyagcilar earned his popularity and fate in Turkey in the year 2007 with the television series named Elveda. This serial became the number one hit serial in those days which helped him to gain more success and recognition during his entire career life.

5- He Played Significant Role In ‘Farewell Rumelia’

Rumeli (Farewell Rumelia), depicting a Turkish peasant living during the disruption times of the 19th century in the Balkans region, near Monastir, with his family, when the Ottoman Empire started to lose territory and fall back.

6- His Other Notable Work In Cinema

He acted in many films and television series as well, but one of the most notable works, the movie titled ‘King Of Garbageman’ which was released in the year 1977. Also, another movie named ‘ Sultan’ which was released in the year 1978. These two movies became most popular and applauded by millions of people around the world.

7- He Gets Married To

Erdal Ozyagcilar gets married to Guzin Ozyagcilar who is also a theatre actress and known for her appreciable acting skills.

8- Awards And Honors

He has received numerous awards and honors including the “Best Supporting Actor” in the 23rd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in 1986. Also, he won the “Best TV Actor” in the Ismail Dümbüllü Awards in 2008, and the “Best Actor” in the 31st Radio Television Journalists′ Association TV Oscars in 2009.

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