8 Things You Didn’t Know About Esin Varan

Esin Varan is an American actress and writer. She has acted in films, television and on the stage. She is an acclaimed actress who has an ability to not just act but also she is a great writer as well. Also, she is admired by millions of people around the world. Her fans are always willing to know more about her, and if you are one of them, then here’s a good chance to know about Esin Varan. So, just have a look at her amazing unknown facts you didn’t know before.

Esin varan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Esin Varan

1- Esin Varan’s Origin

Esin varan is an American actress but has Greek, Turkish, Armenian and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Apart from this, she is multilingual so this way, she speaks four languages including English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Arabic. She presently lives in New York City and working as a bi-coastal actress.

2- Her Educational Background

She has completed her graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a merit scholarship and also, she has a Masters’s degree in International Relations and Political Science.

3- Her Career Beginning

Esin Varan began her career as a child actress and had an opportunity to work in European Television, Movie and Theatre industry. Also, she has acted in many television series, movies and theatre play. However, she has given fabulous performances in her entire career and turned into the most successful lady in the field of showbiz.

4- Her Honors

She got selected as a member of the exclusive NY Academy Theatre Company. Apart from this, she has received many theatre credits and has become a prominent face who appeared in many commercials and on billboards and screens as well.

5- Most Popular Theatre Plays

She assumed the role in ‘Titania’ in the original cast of the world premiere of Tony nominee Douglas Carter Beane’s play ‘FairyCakes’. Alongside this, she earned respect as a screen actress through many movies, including rom-com dramas and even in the horror genre as well.

6- Her Well-Liked Movies

She has performed in many films which proved the most successful hits of her entire career. While some of her film credits include; ‘Pretenders’ which was directed by James Franco takes place in the 80s New York, another is ‘Branded’ which was directed by Dale Lewis. The film was shot in Alabama and Los Angeles, ‘Americano’ which was directed by Tim Viola took place in Philadelphia.

7- Her Turkish Debut Movie

She also assumed the lead on the first Turkish/American Feature film that is fully captured in New York City. The movie titled ‘Fairy tale of New York’ was released in the year 2017. It was one of her outstanding hit movies in which she gave a wonderful performance by playing the role of ‘Deniz’.  However, the film was directed by Dogan Ozmekik. 

8- She And Social Media

Esin Varan is an actively present on all her social media accounts, particularly on her official Instagram. Also, she has more than 2 million of followers on her Instagram.

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