8 Things You Didn’t Know About Filiz Akin

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Filiz Akin is a Turkish actress, published author and Television presenter. She was born on 2nd January 1943 and as known as Turkish cinema’s noble modern, urban and beautiful face. Also, she won a colossal fan base in Turkey, and earned notoriety as a “European face, College Girl, and Blonde Star”. Alongside this, she has a number of publications as she is a published author.

Filiz Akin

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Filiz Akin

1- Filiz Akin’s Family Background

She was born in Ankara. Her mom Habibe Leman Şaşırmaz was a tailor from Ankara, and her dad Bekir Sami Akın was a judge from Afyonkarahisar. Her mom was of Albanian plunge on her fatherly side, while her dad was of Circassian drop on his maternal side. She has a sister Günseli from her mom’s second marriage. Her grandma, Halime Hanım’s dad was a representative of Atatürk, and her stepfather was Atatürk’s official colleague and would ask Halime Hanım’s assistance in Atatürk’s clothing for state occasions. She lived in Beypazarı, where her dad was working, until the time of 3. Her folks separated from when she was 7 years old.

2- Her Educational History

She began studying at the age of 5, she got her primary education from Sarar Elementary School in Kızılay, Ankara. She proceeded with her studies at TED Ankara College Foundation Schools through boarding and scholarship. She got different honors at the school with her artworks and compositions. She passed every one of the classes effectively and was picked as a perfect student by her teachers. Her most popular concealed ability at school was her generally excellent imitation.  In June 1960, she moved on from college. After completing her studies, she began working at the Ankara part of American Export-Isbrandtsen Lines. After working at the organization for a long time, she turned into the leader of its marine branch. She learned English, French, and a tad of Italian. Meanwhile, she went to Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History, and Geography for a semester and considered archaeology.

3- Rise To Fame

With the request of her companion Oya San’s mom, Akın partook at a challenge sorted out by Artist magazine and turned into the victor in 1962. After she was informed that she would get the honor just in the event that she would play in the motion picture Akasyalar Açarken, she wouldn’t acknowledge it. Journalists and movie producers originated from Istanbul to Ankara to persuade her, yet despite everything she would not acknowledge the deal. But when Memduh Ün came to Ankara and demanded it, she acknowledged playing in the film. She left college and work and came to Istanbul with her mother. Trusting the administrators of the magazine and Memduh Ün, who persuaded her to play the job, helped Akın start her film career. She consented to the series and in the wake of shooting her first film Akasyalar Açarken opposite Göksel Arsoy in 1962, the makers arranged a program for her during the whole year.

4- Awards And Honors

She has won numerous awards and honors including 4th Malatya International Film Festival, Honorary Award, 2014 Turkish Thai Friendship Award, 2014 Magazine Journalists’ Association, 20th Golden Objective Awards, Lifetime Profession Honorary Award, 2015 Red Tulip Film Festival, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015 15th Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival, Honorary Award and so on. 

5- Her Publications

She is a great writer and also a published author of four books written by her. The books are Güzelliklere Merhaba”, Altın Kitaplar Yayınevi, which was published in 1992. Also, she wrote “Hayata Merhaba”, Epsilon, which was published in 2005. Moreover, she wrote, Filiz Akın ile Güzellik, Zayıflama ve Genç Kalma Üzerine” which was published in (2006) and “Lezzete Merhaba” was published in (2013).

6- She Also Appeared In Commercials

After leaving the cinema career, she appeared in Istanbul Bank’s commercials and in 1977 she appeared in the music program (Podyum Show) on TRT. Apart from this, she also assumed the role in Haldun Dormen in play Bir Ayrilik. In 1979, she worked as a headliner at the Izmir International Fair.

7- Books About Her

Some of the books are written about her. In her reverence, three books have been written for her including “Dört Yapraklı Yonca, Onların Sihri Neydi?” , Bircan Usallı Silan, Epsilon, 2004, “Başrolde Filiz Akın: Türk sineması’nda ikonografik ve toplumbilimsel bir değer olarak Filiz Akın”, Pınar Çekirge, Epsilon, 2007 and Akın’s portraits have appeared in Atıf Yılmaz’s “Hayallerim, Aşkım ve Sinema” (1990), Türker İnanoğlu’s “Bay Sinema” (2004), and Agâh Özgüç’s “Türk Sineması’nın Kadınları” (2008).

8- She Gets Married To

She gets married to Turker Inanoglu in 1964 and got divorced in 1974. Later on, she gets married again with Leon Bubi Rubinstein in 1982 and got divorced in 1993. After a year, she gets married third time with Sonmez Koksal. However, the couple together has a child.

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