8 Things You Didn’t Know About Itziar ituno

Itziar Ituno is a talented Spanish actress. Many Americans may not be familiar with Itziar Ituno’s name. However, if you’ve watched the Netflix series Money Heist, you’ve seen her work. Since the show’s first season, Itziar has played Raquel Murillo, and she has become a fan favorite. Raquel has had a highly successful career in Europe, including TV, film, and stage work, outside of Money Heist. Itziar has made it evident that she takes her art seriously and is capable of playing whatever character she chooses. Continue reading to learn eight surprising facts about Itziar Ituno.
Itziar ituno
Itziar Ituno

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Itziar Ituno

1. Tested Positive For Corona

Itziar Ituno tested positive for COVID-19 in March of 2020, according to news reports. Fortunately, the actress appeared to have only a minor case. Nonetheless, she cautioned her fans that the illness must be handled seriously.

2. Great Bond With Money Heist Costars

Work isn’t about making friends, but when the people you work with become genuine friends, it’s always a plus. That’s exactly what happened to Itziar and the rest of the cast of Money Heist. [1]

3. Passionate About Acting Since Childhood

She loved acting and studied at the Basauri Theater School in the Basque Country (according to El Pas). But unlike her Money Heist co-stars Ursula Corberó and Alba Flores, whose careers took off before they were teenagers. Ituno had to wait until she was 21 to land her first role in the short film Sex-Machine. [2]

4. Her Music Career

Itziar Ituo sings when she is not busy being Raquel Murillo, which is difficult to believe given Murillo’s closed personality. Ituno’s music career is best known for her rock band, Ingot, which has received international acclaim. She has worked with other Basque artists, primarily to promote specific causes, most notably gender-based violence. [3]

5. An Anti Idol

Ituno is one of the most popular Money Heist cast members on Instagram, with over 5.5 million followers. While Ituno enjoys using her platform to promote her projects and post selfies. She is aware of the power and responsibility that comes with it (which is why she is anti-idol). Ituno stated in an interview with La Vanguardia that she “admire[s] many people but I don’t idealize them.”[4]

6. Contestant On The Masked Singer

Ituno has a fantastic singing voice, so it’s no surprise that she entered one of the best and most popular singing competitions on television. Ituno appeared as “The Ballerina” on the French version of the Masked Singer in 2020 and sang a beautiful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons.”

7. Helps In Making World A Better Place

Itziar is extremely committed to humanitarian causes. She has taken several trips to the Amazon rainforest as a result of her desire to help make the world a better place. Itziar claims that during one of these trips, she fell in love with a man from Iquita, Peru.

8. Adores Animals

Itziar is a big animal lover in addition to caring about other people’s well-being. She loves and respects all animals and has used her platform to raise awareness about various issues.