8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeff Hiller

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The famous Jeff Hiller may not be someone you recognize from his face but through his facial expressions and comedy, you would for sure remember the works of the famed comedian. Jeff is a proud cowboy, hailing from San Antonio. Although he doesn’t reside there anymore but, he for sure rejoices his childhood spent there. Well, here’s a chance to know more about the most popular star. We have enlisted some unknown things you probably didn’t know. Let’s have a look!

Jeff Hiller

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeff Hiller

1- He is living a Happy married Life with his lovelady

The famed comedian is a proud husband of an artist called Neil Goldberg. They both happily reside in the suburbs of the Big Apple, parenting a cat named Beverly.

2- He’s moved around for quite a bit

Before being settled in New York City, the talented comedian moved around from his hometown (Texas) to Colorado, where he realized that his dreams won’t be fulfilled there either. Thus, he moved to the Big Apple at last.

3- Former Social Worker

Prior to having the hazy daisy life of fame, the actor was actually a quiet social worker living in Denver working to meet his ends meet.

4- He met His Idol

Jeff was lucky enough to have his idol, RuPaul in one of his performances. There, he got to meet his idol and took a few tips from him as well.

5- He was Into Music

The comedian is very much into music as well. He once got a role as a musical character and that’s that. He never pursued it any further.

6- He is living a Private Life

Living a famed life comes with a lot of consequences as well along with obvious benefits. The actor has opted to live in the shadows instead of the limelight because he values his privacy more than anything.

7- A firm believer that people suppress themselves

A fair point made by Hiller in truth. Many people choose to suppress their emotions, their passions just because it seems very hard for them. Hiller feels that these people are doing injustice to their inner selves.

8- He is a Comedian in Reality

Jeff Hiller is surely a great laugh!!! He is often found joking that his entire premise was about getting married for tax breaks.

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