8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jordan Firstman

Jordan Firstman was born on July 8, 1991. He is a Los Angeles-based writer, producer, and comedian. He is best known for the short films Men Don’t Whisper (2017) and the Sundance-nominated Call Your Father (2016)

For his huge fan following we’ve gathered some unknown facts that’ll surely pique your interest

Jordan Firstman
Jordan Firstman

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jordan Firstman

1. Native Of New York

Jordan was born and schooled on Long Island, where both of his parents worked for a local newspaper. He understood from a young age that he wanted to entertain others, and he eventually decided to take a chance and enter the field. [1]

Jordan Firstman
Jordan Firstman

2. He Is Not Only A Comedian

Most people know Jordan for his work as a comedian, but it isn’t the only thing he’s given to the entertainment scene. Over the years, he has written, directed, and produced a number of short tales and television shows. He’s also done some acting. [2]

3. Keeps His Personal Life To Himself

Jordan may be a public figure, but that doesn’t mean he wants every facet of his life to be made public. Jordan appears to be a fairly private individual on the whole. He prefers to keep all of his work ‘on brand,’ and he hasn’t divulged anything about his personal life.

4. Overburden Himself With Expectations

When someone’s content goes viral, they typically feel a lot of pressure to repeat that magical moment. Jordan has put a lot of responsibility on himself to keep making people laugh and smile. But, at the same time, he hasn’t let the pressure get to him.

5. Rocky Start Of His 2020

Jordan’s year in 2020 has been fantastic, but it didn’t start out that way. In fact, given how the year had begun, Jordan wasn’t expecting anything positive to come his way. 2020 began with a difficult breakup and a failed business opportunity.

6. Student Of the University Of Cincinnati

Jordan had always taken his love of entertaining seriously, and he resolved to do everything he could to improve his abilities. Jordan attended the University of Cincinnati and majored in musical theatre. [3]

7. Doesn’t Care About Thoughts Of His Haters

Unfortunately, having detractors is an unavoidable aspect of success. Although it’s never a nice feeling to have someone say something negative about you, Jordan is more concerned with entertaining the people who appreciate what he does.

8. Loves To Branch Out New Things

Jordan has always been the type of person that enjoys branching out and trying new things. This component of his personality has served him well throughout his career as a comedian and in the television industry.


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