8 Things You Didn’t Know About Julia Bradbury

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Julia Bradbury has become popular all over the world because of her admiring work and performances on television. She has become a figure with both the BBC and ITV. Now, in 2022, she’s hoping to keep the same energy. Well, she has achieved lots of great things in her career life. And that’s like a big win for her! While still, she has goals to accomplish. And her fans are excited to know about her plans and everything regarding her professional and personal life. Continue reading to learn the amazing things about the gorgeous!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Julia Bradbury

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Julia Bradbury

1- She is a Cancer Survivor

Julia Bradbury, a lady who got immense popularity in her career life, has earlier diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2021, she got this shocking news, but after underwent from the treatment, she has recovered and returned back to work.

2- She is an Author

Apart from acting, Julia Bradbury established her career as an author. She is better known for her publications and this is another credit to her life. She has written several books including ‘Unforgettable Walks’ which was published in 2017.

3- She loves interacting with People on Social Media

Julia Bradbury loves interacting with people on social media. She has a huge fan base on all her social media accounts. And the best is, her fans can’t stop praising her for her achievements.

4- She loves Hanging Out

Julia Bradbury loves hanging out and enjoys swimming and hiking. She also loves nature and is passionate about taking care of the environment.

6- She likes to Give Back to Others

Julia Bradbury likes to give back to others. She not just spreads smiles and positivity, yet also associated with some charitable organizations to help poor people.

7- She is a Mother of Twins

Bradbury is a mother of Twins. She is married to Gerard Cunningham and they got married in 2000. The couple welcomed their first child in 2011 and later, she welcomed twins in 2015.

8- She understands the Importance of Good Mental Health

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