8 Things You Didn’t Know About Julio Torres

Comedian Julio Torres has written for Saturday Night Live and created the HBO special My Favorite Shapes. He is also one of the creators of Los Espookys, an HBO comedy in Spanish about a group of horror fans. We’ve given you some previously unreported facts about him that will undoubtedly improve your understanding of him.
Julio Torres
Julio Torres

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Julio Torres

1. Interesting Meaning Of His Name

In relation to that, the surname Torres is used in both Portuguese and Spanish. It can be translated into “towers” in both cases, which is perhaps not surprising given that it originates from the Latin word Turris, which means exactly what those who are interested in it would expect it to mean.

2. A Vegetarian

In his comedic routines, Torres has mentioned his veganism. He has said in those comedic performances that he doesn’t mind not being able to consume either animal products or eating animals. [1]

3. Odd  Sense Of Honor

In general, Torres is known for having an unusual sense of humor, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but might not be what most people would anticipate given the overall tone of Saturday Night Live. [2]

4. Julio Also Have Some Great Acting skills

People will primarily recognize Torres as a writer. In addition to Saturday Night Live, he has worked on a variety of other projects, such as Boy Band and Gay Skit Happens.

5. Gay Person

Although he was gay, he thought of it as a “frivolity” that he would only discuss when it was absolutely necessary. [3]

6. Always Wanted To Pursue A Career In Comedy Writing

Torres relocated to New York to enroll at The New School, from which he earned a literary studies degree in 2011. His ultimate goal had always been to become a comedy writer.

7. He Doesn’t Like Talking About Political Issues

When asked if he would like to discuss a political issue, the comedian responds that he is extremely apolitical and is not at ease discussing any political issues. [4]

8. He Make His Own Clothes

The actor also revealed that he make his clothes all by himself . “My mother and sister know a tailor in El Salvador who can make anything I sketch with their assistance”. He said.