8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee-So-Yeon

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Lee, a South Korean actress born on April 16th, 1982, is a fan-famous K-drama and movie luminary. Featuring in television series such as Dong Yi, The Birth of a Family and Ruby Ring climaxed the award-winning actor’s popularity to a new high. She was later seen in KBS2s Miss Montecristo (2021) as Go Eun-jo. From hosting to being a cast member on Variety shows like Music Bank (2006) and Season 4 of We Got Married (2013), Lee’s quest for exploring all realms makes her the terrific thespian that she is. There are many things left to know about the Korean gorgeous girl. It may surprise us to discover the following eight thrilling facts about her!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lee-So-Yeon

1- Educationally Equipped

The Lee-So-Yeon hails from the Korea National University of Arts as well as Hanyang University, pursuing an all-rounded major in theatre and film. The 39-year-old began acting at just 20.

2- Smash-hit Beginnings

Based on the French literary novel Les Liaisons dangereuses the Korean adapted film Unborn But Forgotten in 2002 made for Lee’s scintillating debut. In 2005 she was nominated for an MBC Drama Award for her tv debut in Super Rookie.

3- Film Star

Her genres in the film range from mainstream to indie, nevertheless landing memorable roles. Whether be it playing Lee So-ok in Untold Scandal (2003) or being acclaimed for So-Yeon in Feathers in the Wind (2004), So Yeon has more than a decade-long history of appearing on the grand screen.

4- Television Name

Her love-hate relationship with negative roles is powered through drama series like Spring Waltz, Super Rookie, Temptation of an Angel, and her eminent character Femme Fatale Jang Hui-bin in Dong Yi (2010). Why Did You Come To Our House? was the first to cast her as the female protagonist in a romantic comedy.

5- Music Credits

The Jecheon International Music Festival in 2007 chose for Lee to be their ambassador. The same year she started in Eru’s music video Wintering.

6- Recognitions

Winning critical rave and awards like the China Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress in a foreign film (2007) and MBC Drama Awards for excellence in shows like The Birth of a Family, the Korean hotshot deserves all the praise directed towards her.

7- Marital Upheaval

The actor tied the knot with an IT entrepreneur in September of 2015. Three years later, the couple was reported divorcing each other.

8- Hobbies

Apart from acting, the artist enjoys Pansori- a Korean art form of musical storytelling through a singer and drummer duo. Jazz dancing is another one of her favorite sports.

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