8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lexi Brumback

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The actress and host, Lexi Brumback has been making headlines since she faced the accusations after starring in the Netflix documentary ‘Cheer’. She also works for her squad hard and they are the best because of it. Sadly, the show made headlines with some serious accusations against some of the kids on the show. Well, things didn’t go well afterward. However, the actress is back in the news after a few things about her previous days in ‘Cheer’. Cut short, she left the squad and left her fans in shock. Here we are going to share some unknown things about the gorgeous. Let’s have a look!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Lexi Brumback

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lexi Brumback

1- Lexi Brumback was removed from the Squad

The fact is Lexi didn’t quit the cheer squad, but she was removed from there after the end of season 1. And many of you didn’t know about this. So, yes… this can make you surprised!

2- She’s the Bad Girl

Lexi Brumback is the bad girl who always had an edge to her. She has always been in trouble and opened up to her coach about her past and the things she has been through.

3- She is back in Houston

Lexi Brumback is back in Houston and has been living with her grandmother. She is working hard to get back into her happy life.

4- Brumback is so talented

The actress & host, Lexi Brumback is so talented as her skills are enough to make her special among others. And that’s what she always feels grateful for.

5- She is in trouble Often

Lexi Brumback is in trouble often as she grew up in Houston with her grandmother. She was not always a good and obedient kid. She was so talented in her childhood too but she made some questionable decisions.

6- She loves reading

Here you will be amazed to know that Lexi has a tough schedule, despite, she always manages time for reading as it’s one of her most favorite hobbies.

7- She is Insta-Famous

Lexi Brumback is famous on Instagram. She might be a cheerleader by heart. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram and is an official influencer at this point in time. She has more than 772k followers on her Instagram account and that’s the reason, she makes money by promoting brands.

8- She is in a Relationship

Brumback is in a relationship with Dominic Green with whom she has been for several years. But here you will be surprised to know that Green is transgender but she feels proud on her choice and she often says publicly.

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