8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa Manoban

Lisa Manoban is one of Asia’s most popular musicians. Lisa, best known as a member of the Korean girl group Blackpink, is a talented rapper, but she isn’t your typical hip-hop artist. Lisa, in addition to being a member of the group, has worked hard to establish herself as a solo artist. Her talent and creativity have made her well-known all over the world. And for her fans all around the world, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts about her that you probably didn’t know.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa

1. Changed Her Name To Lalisa

In the entertainment industry, using a stage name is very common, but Lisa is more than just that. Originally known as Pranpriya Manoban, Lalisa eventually decided to legally change her name to Lalisa.

2. Wanted To Pursue A Career In Modelling

She had always known she wanted to do something with flashing lights, but becoming a rapper was not always on her mind. When she was younger, she aspired to be a model.

3. Fluent In Multiple Languages

Anyone who has attempted to learn another language knows how difficult it is. Lisa, on the other hand, is capable of speaking multiple languages. She speaks Thai, English, and Korean fluently. She also knows a little Japanese and Chinese.

4. Started Out As A Dancer

Lisa’s life has always revolved around music, even before she became an artist herself. She began taking dance lessons when she was about four years old, and it soon became clear that she possessed considerable talent.
Lisa While Dancing
Lisa While Dancing

5. Gotten Death Threats

Lisa Manoban has had to deal with a lot of comments as the only Thai person in a Korean group. It was revealed in the spring of 2020 that Lalisa had received numerous death threats. [1]

6. Believes In Giving Back To Others

Lisa’s platform is much broader than just music. She is very serious about doing whatever she can to help those in need. Lisa donated 100,000 baht to disaster relief in Thailand in 2019. [2]

7. Photography Is Her Favorite Pastime

Lisa is an undeniable star every time she steps in front of the camera, but she has discovered that she also enjoys being behind it in her spare time. She became interested in photography and has become quite adept at it over the years.

8. Huge Fan Of Kehlani

Lisa is a huge musician herself, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also be a huge fan of other people’s work. Lisa’s favorite artist and someone she looks up to, according to Lisaoppa, is Kehlani. [3]