8 Things You Didn’t Know About Meghan Crumpler

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Meghan Crumpler, however, reached a point where even the simplest tasks were extremely difficult for her. Her weight is something that stops her to do struggle in her life, but still, she likes to live a healthy and happy life. Earlier, she shared her journey with the world via the TLC series ‘Too Large’ which documented Meghan’s life before and after undergoing surgery. Well, there are so many things that you don’t know about. And here we have enlisted some unknown things to get to know her better. Let’s have a look!

Meghan Crumpler

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Meghan Crumpler

1- She is committed to living a Healthy Lifestyle

Meghan Crumpler is committed to living a healthy lifestyle as she has done a great job of continuing to eat healthily. It seems she is trying to stay as active and fit as she can.

2- She loves playing Video Games

Like teenagers, Meghan Crumpler also loves playing video games and that’s what makes her a lively person as she forgets everything while playing video games.

3- She is a Pet Parent

Meghan Crumpler is a pet parent and has a deep love for her pets. She has a little furry cat with whom she loves spending her time. Even she often uploads photos of herself with her cat on her Instagram.

4- Her Faith is Important to Her

Crumpler is quite religious and has a strong faith which is important to her. She is a Christian and faith in God plays a vital role in her life. She never compromises following her traditions.

5- She is a TikTok User

Meghan Crumpler is a TikTok user where she enthralls a large fan base. Not only this, but she has a huge fan following on all her social media accounts, like; Facebook & Instagram.

6- She loves Inspiring Others

Meghan Crumpler loves inspiring others. She hopes that people can learn from her journey. She always encourages people to live their life with positivity.

7- She has Experienced Bullying

Meghan Crumpler has experienced bullying for more than the years. She has an idea of how people treated her at that time. Well, being an optimistic person, she always ignores such kind of people.

8- She is an Entrepreneur

We all know that she is a brilliant actress, but many of us are not familiar with her other side. Yes… You heard that right. She is a successful entrepreneur as well. She manages her online business where she sells a variety of items.

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