8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mrinal Kulkarni

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Mrinal Thakur? Don’t you know about her? Okay if not, let us recall you. She is one of the most popular Indian television and film actress. Her role as a magic fairy Son Pari became the most popular television serial during the 90s and this became the reason for her lasting success and identity. Apart from this, she was a part of many Indian historical television shows and serials for which she earned popularity. Now, let’s have a look at the given facts that you might not know about her but you would love to read them!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mrinal Kulkarni

1- She is married to her love

Mrinal Dev Kulkarni was associated in a long-term relationship with her beau Ruchir Kulkarni with whom she got married and now she has a son named Virajas Kulkarni.

2- Beauty With Brains

Mrinal Dev Kulkarni is a beauty with brains as she holds a Masters degree in Linguistics. And impressively, she has been managing her successful career life.

3- She is in her 50s

Nobody can claim that the actress Mrinal Kulkarni is in her 50s as her smartness and captivating persona proved us wrong.

4- Acting at Teens

At the age of 16, Mrinal Kulkarni made her first appearance in the most popular television serial titled “Swami”. For her performance, she got much appreciation from the critics and the viewers.

5- Prolific Career

Kulkarni established her prolific career by working on a number of television, film, and radio projects. Also, she worked on several projects as a director.

6- Loves Black

When it comes to her favorites, she opts for Black in colors as she often prefers wearing black in social and film events.

7- Enthusiastic Reader

Apart from managing her career life, Mrinal Kulkarni takes time out for reading books as she is an enthusiastic reader and is capable to manage time.

8- Organized Person

As a professional and disciplined star, she is still a woman who is known for her quality of being an organized person.

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