8 Things You Didn’t Know About Muskan Khan

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An Indian hijabian Muslim girl Muskan Khan recently hackled in the Indian state of Karnataka’s Mandya for wearing a hijab. According to the media outlet reports, a girl was surrounded by Hindutva supporters and they ridiculed a student wearing a hijab. In response to their odd behavior, the student chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ which means the ‘God is the greatest.

The girl has created a buzz on social media as her video clip went viral which shows the fearless student marching towards her college building where Hindutva supporters were chanting slogans of ‘Jay Shri Raam, Jay Shri Ram’. To which she started saying Allah Akbar and went inside the college. Well, here we have shared some hidden facts that you surely want to know about the fearless girl. Let’s have a look!

Muskan Khan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Muskan Khan

1- She has been wearing a hijab and scarf since she began studying in college

While conversation with media outlets, Muskan Khan shared that she has been wearing a hijab and scarf since she started studying in college.

2- Her fearlessness makes her stand out among her peers

Muskan Khan, a young Indian Muslim student has proved herself a brave and bold girl who walked like a lioness amid the rascals in Mandya, Karnataka, India.

3- Muskan Khan is a role model for all Muslim girls

Muskan Khan is a role model for all Muslim girls. And here we can say that all Muslim girls can learn from her example. Truly, she is now an inspiration to many.

4- Muskan Khan is confident, courageous, and direct

 Muskan Khan has demonstrated her strength and bravery after the incident took place in Mandya, Karnataka, India, proving she is a courageous, direct, and confident girl.

5- She is vocal by nature

It is important to be vocal because it helps you assert your rights. Muskan Khan had this quality, which helped her deal with the saffron scarf group.

6- She is the leader of the future

We can call her leader here. In fact, an Indian Muslim girl Muskan Khan’s bold and brave act has proven that she will be a good leader in the future.

7- She is being praised on social media

The 24 years old girl, Muskan Khan is being praised on social media platforms for standing up to a far-right Hindu mob outside her college.

8- She receives salutations from the netizens

Here you will be amazed to know that she is being saluted as a result of her courageous battle against a crowd of bhagwa terrorists.

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