8 Things You Didn’t Know About Noel Gatts

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Noel Gatts is an emerging star of the show ‘Home Inspector Joe’. Her contagious and addictive personality is what makes the show worth watching. Noel Gatts has always been curious about the way how cinema works. And this is evident from her bachelor’s degree that she earned from James Madison University in theatre. What’s more? She has been nicely fulfilling the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother as well. She not only is a great wife for several years but a proud mum of as well. She loves spending time with her family. Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about the actress!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Noel Gatts

1- She owns a business to her name

Noel Gatts is one of those celebrities who are very creative in nature. She actually owns a business known as Beam&Bloom Interiors. She is a successful entrepreneur.

2- She first starred in “Home Inspector Joe”

The ongoing show, Home Inspector Joe is actually her first show in her acting career. And the fans are already in awe of her personality.

3- She is an Extrovert Person

She, being an interior designer loves to be outside observing the various designs and infrastructures of others’ homes. Furthermore, she loves hiking and kayaking.

4- She is Mental Health Supporter

She is a major supporter of mental health, a phenomenon that’s very common is today’s times. She is often quoted commenting on it in her interviews or her shows.

5- She is an Animal Lover

Noel Gatts is a proud animal lover. She has compassion for animals. Other than her own biological sons, she has a cat and two dogs.

6- She wants Gun Control

Being a mom, it’s natural for her to feel worried about the mass killings in schools and institutions in the USA. Thus, she aims to somehow create a controlled environment for guns.

7- She loves Cooking

Noel Gatts gets time from her hectic schedule and loves cooking delicious recipes during that time. She has found cooking as a way to connect to her children.

8- She is a Photo-holic

Gatts loves taking photos. Though not so great at it, she definitely is pretty decent at it. She regularly uploads beautiful pictures on her Instagram business profile more often than not.

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