8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Parish

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Sarah Parish has been giving fantabulous performances for more than 30 years. She has gained lasting success during the peak of her career, and a lot of people appreciated her brilliant acting prowess. Undoubtedly, her performances are undeniable as she deserves much credit. However, she is mainly known for her roles, like; Medici and W1A, for which she got much attention from the audience. Morevoer, she also got huge acclaim for her role played in the new Netflix mini-series named ‘Stay Close’. Well, no matter what she performs, she is a champ. Let’s know more about her by giving a look at the amazing facts we have shared with you!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Parish

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Parish

1- Started Acting At An Early Age

Sarah Parish, a most celebrated actress started off her acting career at an early age. And this has become a real inspiration to all those who are passionate about acting. She was just two years old when she debuted with a local stage production.

2- Perfect Wife & Mother

Apart from being a great and successful actress, she is also a good human who plays a role of a loyal wife and responsible mother in her real life. It seems she knows how to fulfill her responsibilities in real life. She has been happily married to James Murray since 2017, and the couple had two daughters, but sadly, their first daughter has passed away.

3- Kind To Others

Sarah Parish runs a charity foundation called ‘The Murray Parish Trust’ through which she helps and supports poor and needy people. She is so kind and passionate about giving back to others.

4- She had a fracture in her Back

She is lucky to gain huge success in her career life, but her other matters of life are not balanced. In 2018, she broke her leg while sledding. In 2021, she had a major injury and her spine got fractured.

5- Gets Much Fame

Sarah Parish gets much fame in her acting career and that’s a big win for her. She is notable for her stand-out performances as she never fails to impress her fans.

6- Adventurous Person

Sarah Parish is an adventurous person who loves to step out of her comfort zone to enjoy doing various things, like; fishing, surfing, boating, and much more.

7- Formally Trained Actress

Sarah Parish is a well-trained actress as she took acting classes from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts’ which is located in London. It’s the same institute from where many celebrated stars have learned acting, such as; Samuel Anderson and Clive Ashburn.

8- Enjoys Gardening

Despite having a busy schedule, Parish always takes time out for her favorite activity, gardening. She loves gardening. It feels like something relaxing that she does in her free time. She loves growing vegetables in her garden.

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