8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sreeja Kalyan

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Sreeja Kalyan is one of the top-notched South Indian actresses. She predominantly works in Telugu movies. She has been actively appearing in movies since the 70s, and is able to use her time in more than 150 movies-which is a great milestone she has achieved. And that’s become a reason for her lasting success. Also, she tried her luck in the field of politics. She is the daughter of Chiranjeevi and this has been another additional thing that helped her to gain fame because of her father’s status in showbiz. Well, here’s much more to know. Let’s have a look at the given unknown things you might not know!

Sreeja Kalyan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sreeja Kalyan

1- She has always been in the limelight

Sreeja Kalyan and her family have always been in the spotlight as their professions are associated with the Hindi film industry where they have been a part of various projects.

2- She Is Married

In 2016, Sreeja Kalyan got married with Kalyan Dev. Her father-in-law is a well-known jeweler and also he runs a business as well based in the United States of America. The couple earlier welcomed their baby named Navishka.

3- Her First Marriage

It has been said that she first married to Sirish Bharadwaj. It was a time when she was so young. In 2007, the couple got married but things didn’t go well, and they got divorced. Later, Sreeja filed a harassment suit against her husband.

4- Second Marriage Was Secret

After getting divorced from her ex-husband, she then got married to Dev Kalyan in 2016. But the couple kept it secret. The wedding took place at her father’s estate and only close friends and family members were invited.

5- Divorce Rumors

Earlier, there were rumors speculated that the couple is divorcing, and there are other things that ignited the fire of this rumor. First when she changed her name on her social media accounts and another is her husband’s absence on the release of the film.

6- She Has A Baby

The actress Sreeja Kalyan has a daughter but we are not sure whether her daughter is from her ex-husband or her second husband, Dev Kalyan.

7- Not Following Her Husband

After changing her name on her social media accounts, the actress then unfollowed her husband, Dev Kalyan which became another thing that her fans and followers can assume about her divorce.

8- She Keeps Her Life Private

Sreeja Kalyan shares everything publicly about her family and things that are important to her, but she keeps her personal life confidential.

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