Arjun Rampal writes a deep note on his mother’s first death anniversary

Diwali is when families from far and insightful social gathering to praise the celebration with grandeur and love. Individuals plan their leaves well ahead of time from work to make sure they can be with their precious ones during the celebration. Gifts are exchanged, new outfits are worn, desserts are glutted on, trips are arranged, visits continue occurring, and the merriments go long into the night for a few days. It’s that time that really spells family-time for Indians like no other event. In any case, save an idea for those who’ve as of late lost somebody close. Envision how intense the celebration would be for them, and all the more so if that valuable somebody passed away close by the hour of Diwali. The celebration of lights will undoubtedly bring back some excruciating recollections for them. One such individual who’s thinking that its intense to discover a similarity to bliss while every other person is partying hard this Diwali is Arjun Rampal who lost his mom a year back to the day. Thinking back to her, the entertainer wrote an ardent note on Twitter several hours prior, where he communicated his sadness at her nonappearance from his life, yet additionally discovered expectation in the conviction that she lived on in the hearts of him and his family.

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