Christian Bale refuses to do another ‘Batman’ movie

Christian BaleChristian Bale, who featured in Christopher Nolan’s Dim Knight set of three, which rounded up over $2.4 billion in the cinematic world, would not do another Batman movie.

The set of three finished up in 2012, showing Batman surrendering his hero persona for a peaceful life in Italy. Christian Bale recently told the Toronto Sun that he has offered a fourth Batman movie by the filmmakers.

“At the point when they came [to us after Batman Begins] and stated, ‘You need to go make another?’ It was incredible, yet despite everything we stated, ‘This is it. We won’t get another chance,'” Bale told the news source.

“At the point when they definitely came to us and stated, ‘What about a No. 4?’ I stated, ‘No. We need to adhere to Christopher Nolan’s dream, which was consistent too, ideally, do a trilogy. How about we do not extend excessively far and become overindulgent and go for a fourth,'” the on-screen character included.

Christian Bale has another movie out in the theatres nowadays, Ford v Ferrari. While Batman is presently Ben Affleck.

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