Fiza Ali : Amir Liaqat proposed me in front of his second wife

Fiza Ali Amir LiaqatTelevision character Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s second wedding with Tuba Aamir made a significant buzz. The mainstream has gotten married for the second time to Tuba a year ago in November.

Aamir’s second marriage and his interpretation of his first spouse, Bushra, mixed a serious debate. However, it appears as though Aamir is once again prepared to get married.

Aamir and Tuba showed up at actress Fiza Ali’s television show where he proposed to the on-screen character, in front of his wife.

When Ali reported the couple to enter the stage, she inquired as to whether she could stand other than her significant other. To this, Aamir kidded, “It could have been you who might have been declared to accompany me, yet you’re somewhat late.”

In an ongoing meeting, Fiza uncovered how Aamir had proposed her before too.

“Aamir Sahab is an incredible individual. He has a spotless heart and he is a dapper sort of individual. He doesn’t keep anything in heart, he says what he thinks,” she said.

“At the point when I got separated, he proposed to me before his better half with a decent signal. It dislikes we used to meet or something. I just went to Karachi and he legitimately conversed with me about marriage when he became acquainted with that I have isolated from my better half,” she proceeded.

“He needed to get hitched to me before the world. He proposed to me in an extremely decent way before his better half (Bushra). Be that as it may, I was fighting misery and used to disregard everything. At that point after this, I found out about his second marriage with Tuba. Both are my great companions,” Fiza shared.

“He went ahead of the show and kidded about it once more. He said it’s not very late to get hitched,” Fiza giggled. “He said Tooba has no issue with it.”

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