Mahira Khan’s first duck face ‘Slofie’ becomes a web sensation

Mahira Khan" width="700" height="400" srcset=" 700w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" />One of Pakistan’s most enchanting on-screen characters, Mahira Khan, has charmed a huge number of fans with the most recent duck-face slofie, creating on the web uproar. The Verna magnificence, who directions an insane fan following the nation over, shared a stunning slofie from the recently propelled iPhone 11 Star Max. Slofie is Apple’s name for moderate movement selfie, an element that is new to the iPhone 11 models. The telephones’ front camera would now be able to record video at 120 edges for each second, which when backed off, brings about a fresh moderate movement impact. Mahira’s most recent Instagram post, a lot to the enjoyment to her a great many supporters, is overwhelming the web as she looks extraordinary while winning the hearts with her signal that hauls a lot of commendation from the admirers. With her post, the on-screen character expressed: “Ideally I will show signs of improvement at this however until further notice, my first endeavor at a #slofie.”  

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