Meesha’s mother Saba Hamid files statement in Ali Zafar’s defamation case

On Tuesday, 29th October 2019, Advised Meesha to take her own decision about publicly accusing Ai Zafar of inappropriate behavior, said Saba Hamid. A knowing about the Rs 1 billion criticism suit documented against Meesha Shafi by Ali Zafar was held. Extra Session Judge Amjad Ali Shah directed the conference. Meesha’s mom, Saba Hamid, showed up under the steady gaze of the judge to record her announcement for the situation. Saba said that she had been related to the showbiz business for as long as 40 years. “I even got a Pride of Performance grant from the President of Pakistan,” she said. Saba told the court that she had not revealed to her little girl to open up to the world about the inappropriate behavior allegations against the artist and on-screen character Ali Zafar. “I didn’t advise her to open up to the world about the allegations, I advised her to take her very own choice,” she said. “I educated her about the positive and negative results of opening up to the world about the allegations.” Zafar’s legal counselor solicited Saba whether Meesha was desirous from his customer. Saba answered that it was unrealistic. She said that in the wake of getting badgering multiple times, Meesha had decided that she would not go to a spot again where Zafar was. Saba was asked by Ali’s legal advisor for what reason Meesha didn’t educate her following getting irritated. “I think it was on the grounds that she was humiliated,” she said. “For the most part, ladies in Pakistan don’t discuss getting pestered.” A year ago, Meesha had kicked up a tempest when she publically blamed Ali Zafar for lewd behavior. Zafar had denied her allegations and documented a criticism body of evidence against the vocalist and on-screen character.

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