Neelum Muneer receives backlash for item song (ISPR- Kaaf Kangana film)

Neelum Munir 1 300x168It seems the Inter-Services Public Relations, ISPR, has a great deal on their plates recently, be it welcoming Akcent for some tea or as indicated by Neelam Muneer, requesting that she do an ‘item song’ for their forthcoming film, Kaaf Kangna.Item Song Neelum Munir 300x169 Neelum Muneer’s evident nationalistic enthusiasm has handled her in hot waters after her subtitle hilariously suggested different goals behind the creation of the film. Maybe the Pakistani actors have additionally discovered better approaches to get away from the brutal input encompassing their roles and execution. However, Muneer trusts it is her strategy for displaying nationalism and giving up for her country.

In an ongoing unforeseen development, the film and TV actress shared a video of her ‘thing’ tune on Instagram with the inscription, “I did this tune simply because this movie is a project of ISPR”.

As she kept on handing-off her side of the story, “Maybe this is the first and last thing tune of my life. In any case, all of you should realize that whatever I do, I claim it and I do it with satisfaction. Pakistan Key Liye Meri Jan Hamesha Hazir Hai (I will do anything for my nation). I’m certain all of you will proceed to watch this film. Appreciate Kaaf Kangna!” Ended up the star.

The upcoming film is required to release before the end of October and its calendar will conflict with Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj.

Nonetheless, Neelum Muneer’s subtitle got extreme backfire, maybe more than it would have mixed if her move alone was being condemned. Given that now, the star alongside the film and the ISPR are being delayed Twitter for having suggested different interests.



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