Raveena Tondon praises Pakistani Air Traffic Controller for saving Indian flight from disaster

Raveena TondonAcclaimed Indian on-screen character Raveena Tandon hailed a Pakistani air traffic controller on Monday for his heroics in sparing a Jaipur departure from calamity.

As indicated by LiveMint, the air traffic controller helped direct the flight from India’s Jaipur to Muscat through an air traffic crisis.

Tandon took to Twitter expressing gratitude toward the Pakistani citizen, “When mankind prevails upon legislative issues. Pakistani air traffic controller spares a Jaipur to Muscat flight from disaster.”

One-hundred and fifty travelers were ready the flying machine, the report said.

The plane was flying over Karachi when it was trapped in a climate design with loads of lightning that could have brought about the fiasco.

In the wake of lightning struck, the plane dropped down from a height of 36,000 feet to 34,000 feet very quickly.

Thus, the pilot started a crisis convention and communicate ‘Mayday’ to close by stations.

The air traffic controller from Pakistan reacted to the call of the commander of the plane and guided it through the thick air traffic in the region for the rest of the adventure in Pakistani airspace, the report noted.


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