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Children of the Sea Children of the Sea (2019)
Movie Children of the Sea (2019)
Director(s) Ayumu Watanabe
Producer(s) Eiko Tanaka
Writer(s) Hanasaki Kino, Daisuke Igarashi
Running Time 1 hours, 51 minutes
Release Date May 19, 2019
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A young girl is drawn into a mystery involving sealife around the world, in which two mysterious boys are somehow involved.

Children of the Sea Official Trailer

Children of the Sea Cast

Mana Ashida playing as Azumi Ruka (voice)

Mana Ashida
Role Azumi Ruka (voice)
Real name Mana Ashida
Age 18 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actress
Nationality Japanese
Known for Marumo no Okite
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Hiiro Ishibashi playing as Umi (voice)

Hiiro Ishibashi
Role Umi (voice)
Real name Hiiro Ishibashi
Profession Actor
Nationality Japanese
Known for Children of the Sea
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Win Morisaki playing as Angurâdo (voice)

Win Morisaki
Role Angurâdo (voice)
Real name Win Morisaki
Age 31 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actor, Singer
Nationality Japanese, Burmese
Known for Ready Player One
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Aoi Yūki playing as Azumi Kanako (voice)

Aoi Yūki
Role Azumi Kanako (voice)
Real name Aoi Yabusaki
Age 30 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actress, Voice Actress, Singer
Nationality Japanese
Known for Playing the young Murasaki Kuhōin in Kure-nai
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Goro Inagaki playing as Azumi Masaaki (voice)

Goro Inagaki
Role Azumi Masaaki (voice)
Real name Goro Inagaki
Age 48 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actor
Nationality Japanese
Known for SMAP×SMAP
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