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Sivas Sivas (2014)
Movie Sivas (2014)
Director(s) Kaan Müjdeci
Producer(s) Yasin Müjdeci, Kaan Müjdeci
Writer(s) Kaan Müjdeci
Running Time 1 hours, 37 minutes
Release Date September 3, 2014
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An eleven-year-old boy and a weathered fighting dog develop a strong relationship after the boy finds the dog wounded in a ditch, left to die.

Sivas Official Trailer

Sivas Cast

Okan Avcı playing as Teacher

Okan Avcı
Role Teacher
Real name Okan Avcı
Age 37 years old (in 2022)
Profession Director, Actor
Nationality Turkish
Known for Iftarlık Gazoz
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Doğan İzci playing as Aslan

Doğan İzci
Role Aslan
Real name Doğan İzci
Age 19 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actor
Nationality Turkish
Known for Sivas
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