8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aarti Mann

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Aarti Mann Biography

An American actress and director, with a stage name as Aarti Mann, Aarti Majumdar was born on 3rd March 1978 in Connecticut USA. Her career shot up in the latter decade of the 2000s when she featured in shows like The Big Bang Theory and before that in Heroes. Playing Maria Monroe on season 2 of Blindsided also makes it to the treatise of her many endeavors. One of her many knacks also includes narrating audiobooks like that of Kaavya Vishaanathan’s debut novel How Opal Got Kissed, Got Wild, and Got a Life. From juggling an acting career to being a mom to Nikita Mankind, Aarti Mann is a stellar performer who is here to stay. Here are 8 unknown facts about her that one may not be familiar with:


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aarti Mann

1- Parents

Being a first-generation American, her lineage is that of an Indian Bengali Hindu. Her mother who is from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu attended the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre. She worked as a gynecologist in Fox Chapel while her father who was also a physician died when she was in high school.

2- Siblings

Aarti is a middle child, younger than her sister Kruti who is a filmmaker, and older than her brother Nishad, a journalist. All three siblings are artistically inclined.

3- Connecticut to Fox Chapel

As a child, his family kept moving places across Pennsylvania. They stayed in Pittsburgh then moved to Mt. Lebanon and from there to Wexford before finally settling in Fox Chapel.

4- Beauty with a Brain

She completed high school from the Shady Side Academy in Fox Chapel. Despite never having participated in plays in high school, Mann graduated from New York University with a degree in film writing and directing.

5- Acting Sprouts

Her first big-screen endeavor was a supporting role in her sister’s directorial debut The Memsahib (2006). Mann appeared in a Volvo commercial after which she secured her tv debut in NBCs Quarterlife (2008).

6- Roles along the Way

Mann made appearances in the sci-fi drama Heroes (2009), followed by the fan-favorite The Young And Relentless. In 2012 she was seen in TNTs Leverage, followed by her cameos in the season 2 premiere of Suits (2013) and on Grey’s Anatomy (2017).

7- Known For

Priya Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory was his breakthrough feature. Her character’s storyline spread over 12 episodes across seasons 4 and 5. She received critical acclaim for her roles in Danny Collins (2015) and the crime thriller mini-series Augury (2017).

8- Family Tree

Residing currently in Los Angeles, Aarti Mann is married to Purvesh Mankind, a finance stud. It is from the latter’s last name that she derives her stage name. The couple is parents to a daughter.

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