8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adriana Ugarte

Adriana Ugarte Biography

Adriana Sofia Ugarte Pardal, mainly known as Adriana Ugarte, was born on 17th January 1985, Madrid, Spanish. She is popular for being a leading actress who has been entertaining the viewers with her wonderful performances. She is known for playing lead roles on the small screen as she has appeared in many television series including La Senora and El Tiempo Entre Costuras. Morevoer, she played the role of Pedro Almodovar in the film titled ‘Julieta’ released in the year 2016. The actress is considered among the best Spanish stars who are doing wonders in their career life. And there is no doubt that Adriana Ugarte is among them. Well, still there are many things left to know and here we are going to share some lesser facts with you about her personal and professional life so that her fans including you can get to know about the pretty awesome star. Adriana_Ugarte

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adriana Ugarte

1- Comes from a noble family

Adriana Ugarte comes from a noble family as she was born to Yolanda Pardal, a great lawyer and writer. While she is the grandniece of the Collaborator of Luis Bunuel, Eduardo Ugarte who was married to a daughter of Carlos Arniches.

2- Well-educated Actress

The actress was born in Madrid where she studied at the Colegio Del Pilar, and later on, she got enrolled in the Complutense University of Madrid from where she pursued the degree of Philosophy and Arts. Later, she joined the National University of Distance Education.

3- Narrated an Audio Book

Adriana is an avid reader who is fond of reading books. Not only this, but she is a lady with a sound voice as she lend her voice to Audible as the narrator for the book named ‘Las Alianzas de Stan Lee: Un Juego de Luz which was made by Stan Lee before his passing. While its English version was narrated by Yara Shahidi who is also a successful actress.

4- Helping Lady

Ugarte is a helping lady who is so passionate about helping people in their need. She also works for charitable organizations and contributes to the needy community over the years.

5- Optimistic Person

It is said that Adriana Ugarte is an optimistic person who always avoids having a negative mindset and tries to see the bright side of every situation. While it is not so easy to do, but she has made it a point to spread positivity.

6- Theatre Experience

The actress, Ugarte has gained extensive theatre experience during her career life and this led her to a successful venture. Initially, she appeared in two stage productions and later, did many theatre plays.

7- Award-winning Actress

We all know that the entertainment industry is very competitive so it is always hard to win awards for your talent. But Ariana Ugarte made it a point where she was honored with Onadas Award for the category of Best Female Actress of National Fiction.

8- Avid Traveler

Being an avid traveler, she enjoys each moment of life. She thanks to her job as she got many amazing experiences that people can even just dream of. Ugarte has traveled a lot and encountered many exposures.

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