8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ajda Pekkan

Ajda Pekkan Biography

Ayse Ajda Pekka was born on 12th February 1946 as a Turkish singer. She is popular in Turkish media as “Superstar” and “Diva”. Pekkan transformed into a vivid figure of Turkish popular music with her tunes, in which she attempted to create a visually striking female figure. By keeping her works up-to-date and gaining influence from Western disciplines, she has figured out how to achieve one of Turkey’s sophistication and variety. Her melodic style has kept her in the mainstream for over 50 years and has inspired a significant number of his successors. She is exceptionally well regarded in the music industry, and her singing style has been widely praised by music scholars.

Ajda Pekkan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ajda Pekkan

1- Ajda Pekkan’s Family Background

Azda Pecan was born to Ridvan Pekkan Marine Chief, and her mother, Nevin Dobruca, a homemaker. Pekkan and her family later moved to Golcuk Kocaeli due to her father’s job. Ajda Pekkan gets married in her early 20s but her husband didn’t want to continue her singing career. Later on, she got divorced and parted their ways.

2-   How She Started Her Career

In 1960, Ajda Pekkan started her musical career and became a member of the nightclub music group Los Catikos. Later on, In 1963, she decided to work in the film industry and turned into an actress. Even she pursued an acting career for a number of years. Simultaneously, she made her debut movie titled ‘Adanal? Tayfur ‘. What’s more, she became the new young face of the Turkish cinema. Afterward, she worked for six years in 50 black and white movies. Later, she left an acting career and concentrate on singing.

3- Her Educational Background

Pecan, who did not complete her education at Camlica Girls’ High School, began her music and acting career at the beginning and took up singing practice from Leyla Demiris.

4- Rise To Fame

In 1970, she got popular across the country, particularly in Europe, and has been widely recognized by her best performances in various countries. Additionally, In 1978, she recorded a French album which became the biggest reason for her fame.

5- She Is Best Known For

She is best known for her songs and singing style. And also, she received the title of ‘Superstar’ for her best singing style.

6- She Is A Women Activist

Ajda Pekkan is a women activist and has raised her voice against violence, abuse, domestic violence, illiteracy, and others. The best is that she released a video album which was particularly released to address the issue of violence against women.

7- She Supports Animal Rights

She is among the ones who love to support animal rights and raises awareness regarding the issue.  Also, she attended and participated in a meeting which was held in the month of February 2011. The purpose was to meet Recep Tayyip Erdogan and discuss animal rights issues. What’s more, she even adopted and take care of street animals. Apart from this, she also attended a number of conferences regarding the issue.

8- She Gets Wedded To

On November 17, 1973, Pecan married Coskun Sapmaz. Their relationship lasted only 6 days and afterward, the couple got divorced. In 1979, she got engaged with the Journalist Erol Yaras at the Izmir Fair. Later on, the duo got married.

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