8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage was born in Santa Monica, California on February 20, to Sharon Chrystie and Richard Savage. Andrea Kristen Savage is a writer, comedian, and actress from the United States.

If you are getting curious to know more about this beautiful woman, then you may find these 8 unknown facts interesting

Andrea Savage
Andrea Savage

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Savage

1. Born In California

Santa Monica, California, is where Savage was born and schooled. Sharon Lee and Richard gave birth to her on February 20, 1973. Their ancestors are of Greek and Ashkenazi Jewish descent. She grew up in California her entire life and still lives and works there. [1]

2. Went To Coronel University

Savage believed college was the best option for her after graduating from high school. She received admission to the esteemed Cornell University, where she graduated with a degree unrelated to acting or writing. She studied government with a major and law with a minor. [2]

3. Performed Stand-Up Comedy

She performs stand-up comedy when she’s not writing or acting. She is a woman with a humorous personality who is not afraid to test it on a huge gathering of people. She’s played at some of the most renowned locations in the country. The Improv, The Ice House, and The Comedy Store are all part of this. [3]

4. Married To Jeremy Plager

Savage has a husband. Her husband’s name is Jeremy Plager. They do, however, have a child. She took a break to have a kid, then returned to work in 2010 to take on some new projects. [4]

Andrea Savage with her family
Andrea Savage with her family

5. Ssavage Always Shows Respect

She recalls that she is rarely the only person participating in her own stories, and she understands that this means she must concentrate on telling stories that involve others. She has done a great job following her rule to be courteous when discussing other people’s life.

6. Family-Oriented Person

One thing Savage seeks to do for her show and the individuals who work with and for her is to keep them at home with their families at night. She never writes a night sequence that demands her characters to work late. She wants everyone to be happy and pleased at home with their families, which we believe makes them highly loyal and good at their work.

7. Loves To Communicate With People

Savage enjoys interacting with others. She understands that no one can read your thoughts and that if you don’t speak what you’re feeling and thinking, others won’t know. She enjoys having chats in order to clear the air and hear people out, so please speak to her.

8. Private Person

Andrea Savage is a quiet person despite the fact that her life story is televised. She maintains a careful balance between not divulging too much about herself or anyone else who works behind the scenes.

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