8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anoushay Abbasi

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Anoushay Abbasi this talented actress was in Karachi, Sind, Pakistan. She stepped into her career as a VJ and then opted to model. She started acting at a very tender age on PTV, grew up to become a VJ on MTV Pakistan, Aag TV, and Geo TV. Anoushay didn’t step back and then took her steps towards the Pakistani serial industry after a long break from being a child artist she became famous for her role in “Nanhi”. Let us look into her exciting journey.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anoushay Abbasi

1- Child Artist

At the very beginning, Anoushay Abbasi started her career as a child artist and appeared in various television dramas of PTV.

2 Always Hitting the best

if we look into her career Anoushay Abbasi worked with the best serials such as “Tootay hue rishtey”, “Meri saheli meri hamjoli”, “Mera Saaein 2” and “Kaala Jaadu”.

3- Famous for

As we know that abbasi worked with the best serials we’ve come across but there is always one serial she will remain famous for and that is “Nanhi”.

4- Family tree

Anoushays family tree is also involved in the entertainment industry, her brother Shamoon Abbas and her sister Anzela have appeared in various Pakistani serials.

5- Famous wife too

Abbasi married actor Ainan Arif, is the son of cricket player Taslim Arif and actress Rubina Arif on September 27th, 2014. Pretty cool!

6- Achievements

She garnered the Lux Style Award after her successful drama “Roshni Andhera Roshni”, she also got recognized for being the best-supporting actress.

7- Beauty regime

Anoushay Abbasi had gone into a transformation recently which includes fair color, overall look, and wardrobe change which has made her appear more elegant. She loves to use Aloe vera on a daily basis.

8- Advice by Anoushay Abbasi

Just like we learn lessons from day to day happenings, celebrities learn a lot in their personal and professional life. Her advice is “Don’t be a doormat”.

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