8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aurora Burghart

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Aurora Burghart Biography

She is known as The October Faction star, Aurora Burghart’s media prowess precedes her. A profound actor, singer and dancer, voice-over artist, and freelance producer, making bulky headlines and achieving so much in so little time. The multi-talented star has proved herself the best entertainer in the cinema and has been enthralling the larger audience with her excellent and work performances. There is no doubt that she has been giving heart-winning performances. Even her die-hard fans and admirers can’t stop praising her for her lasting success and her contribution to the cinema. Well, this doesn’t end here as we have compiled some lesser facts to get to know about her. So, let us have a look!

Aurora Burghart- Brit

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Aurora Burghart

1- British Girl

The 20-year-old curly-haired rising star was born in Brighton, East Sussex in England. She is named after the Greek goddess of dawn, the daughter of Titans and Theia, and the sister of Helios, the sun god, and Selene, the moon goddess.

2- Childhood Epiphany

It was at the age of three when she would not stop waving at her mother in the audience all through her tap-dance performance. In school, Aurora was part of various plays and bobs. Reminiscing how acting was her calling, Aurora was five or six when she played The Rainbow Fish, spreading her golden scales to other kids in the play. It occurred to her at the moment that acting was very much the same; creatively sharing parts of yourself with others. However, she strictly stuck to academics and this artistic side of hers has brushed under the carpet for a long time after. Interacting with thespian folks, she says, made her feel out of place.

3- Whimsical but Worthy

After graduating high school, Aurora delved into a career crisis but finally sat herself down to apply for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2015. It is a textbook-worthy mention that she got in on her first year of auditioning.

4- RADA Credits

In drama school, Burghart bagged leading roles in 3 winters, The House of Bernarda, Mrs. Klien, Stuff Happens, Twelfth Night, The Country Wife, As You Like It, and The Trojan Women. Aurora was part of short films such as Deadpan and Witch Hunt.

5- Fame Graph

Straight out of the oven that is drama school, Aurora was cast as Viv Allen on Netflix Drama October Faction (2020). Her acting credits include Good Samaritan in Sex Education (2019), Jenna in The Stranger (mini-series 2020), Abigail in There She Goes (2020), Morning Song (Short 2020), and Rania Varanger in Star Stable: Mistfall (2021).

6- Radio and Voiceover

At just 20, she is a splendid voice-over artist who has worked in Doctor Who(BBC), Big Finish’s Masterful and Abbey of Heretics, LOTE by Shola Von Reinhold (Audible), and The Panopticon Sound Project. At drama school in London, Aurora did radio shows like Alice Wunderland, The History of Titus Groan, and Control.

7- Talents

Hailing with a distinction from the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, Aurora aces in Stage Combat. Her multi-faceted creative abilities are unstoppable. She also possesses the ability to sing Soprano. Aurora has a good ear for accents including General American, Heightened Received Pronunciation, Chicago Southside, Southern Belle, Cockney, MLE, and AAVE. She can speak conversational French, Russian and Spanish. The superwoman is a pro in Period dances, Waltz, Flamenco, and Contemporary.

8- Hobbies

With the time she gets, Aurora indulges in audiobooks, memoirs, visiting galleries, traveling, writing, and translating screenplays. She is fond of European literature and enjoys camping. Having lived in 5 countries, Aurora has been across three continents.

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