8 Things You Didn’t Know About Benjamin Chivers 

Benjamin Chivers is a British actor and child star who was born in the year 2014 in London, United Kingdom. He is a very versatile actor who is well known for his role as Issac, in Amazon Prime’s movie The Devil’s Hour which was released on the 28th of October 2022. He played the lead role in this thriller. 

We have gathered a bunch of interesting facts related to this versatile child star which you may find fascinating.

Benjamin Chivers
Benjamin Chivers

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Benjamin Chivers 

1. A Popular Skilled Actor

Benjamin Chivers is no doubt a versatile and multi-talented child star. He is also known as a “popular skilled actor”. He got his education from the Arts Educational School which is situated in London.

2. Started Acting At A Young Age

Benjamin is a British child actor who started his acting journey at a very early age. He is known for playing the role in films; The Devil’s Hour, Lockwood and Co, and Napoleon. He has played the character of “Issac” in The Devil’s Hour, the role of “Canary” in Lockwood and Co, and the role of “Eugene” in Napoleon.  [1]

3. First Shooting Experience 

As we know that Benjamin started his acting career at a very young age. So, Benjamin obtained his first shooting experience when he was just 8 years old. 

4. Other Skills He Possessed 

Besides being an actor, he has many other skills like he can play piano and violin. He is also good at Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

5. His Favourite Past Time

Benjamin is a good athlete and loves playing football and tennis when he is not acting. Also, he is a skill full person who is also a good swimmer. In other words, we can say that he is an all-rounder. 

6. Celebrities He Adores

His favorite actor is Tom Cruise, favorite actresses are Jeska pike and Franc Ashman. His favorite color is red and green, favorite food is Wurst, Rouladen, and Eintopf. 

7. Stuffed Toys Are His Best Friends

As we know that Benjamin is an 8-year-old boy that’s why he loves toys especially stuffed toys. In one of his Instagram posts, it can be seen that he is hugging his stuffed toy. 

Benjamin with his stuffed toy
Benjamin with his stuffed toy

8. An Amazing Performance In The Devil’s Hours 

As we all know that Benjamin is an actor who is well known for his role in Amazon Prime’s thriller “The Devil’s Hour”. He played the role of “Issac” and in this thriller, he co-starred with Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine in the leading child role. Isaac appears in all six episodes of this thriller as a crucial component of the plot. [2]

Benjamin's Role In The Devil's Hour
Benjamin’s Role In The Devil’s Hour