8 Things You Didn’t Know About Birgundi Baker

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Birgundi Baker Biography

Birgundi Baker is a true star, with an undeniably strong on-screen presence and plenty of talent to match. Birgundi has worked her way up to larger roles since her on-screen debut in 2016.

More screen time means that more people have had the opportunity to witness Birgundi’s talent, and I believe it’s safe to say that she’s a fan favorite. Hence, for her fans, we’ve brought some interesting facts about her that they probably didn’t know before

Birgundi Baker
Birgundi Baker

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Birgundi Baker

1. A Proud Mother

Birgundi and her character on The Chi have one thing in common: they are both dedicated mothers. She stated in an interview with Currant Mag, “My biggest accomplishment is my daughter.” [1]

2. Has Some Fabulous Dancing Skills

Birgundi is best known for her acting, but she is also a talented dancer. In fact, she decided to major in dance when she first arrived at Howard because she was nervous about auditioning for the musical theatre program.

3. Wants To Get Into Writing And Directing

The actress has spent her entire career in the entertainment industry working in front of the camera at this point. She does, however, want to one day experience what it’s like to be on the other side ie in writing and directing.

4. A 30-Year-Old & Played A High School Student

Birgundi first appeared on The Chi in 2018 as a high school student. Most viewers, however, are unaware that her high school days are long gone. She is 30 years old and will turn 31 in March 2023.

5. Never Misses A Chance To Travelling

Not only has acting allowed Birgundi to realize her dream of being a performer, but it has also provided her with some incredible experiences. Among those experiences has been the opportunity to travel, which she most appreciates.

Birgundi Enjoying her trip
Birgundi Enjoying her trip

6. Loves Being In Style

Birgundi is not a model, but she has the potential to be one. She has a fantastic sense of style and enjoys expressing herself via enthusiasm. You can count on Birgundi to show up and show out, whether she’s attending an industry event or going out with pals.

7. Raised In A Family Of Art Lovers

Baker’s desire of becoming an actor was not through chance or coincidence. Her interests were impacted by the family she grew up with. Her family was passionate about the arts. [2]

8. She Researched To Play The Role Of “Kiesha”

Baker stated that in order to play Kiesha William right, she needed to mentally and physically prepare herself. This represents the dedication of an actress toward her work. [3]


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